USP… 3 letters more powerful than SEO?

Effective SEO is key in directing visitors to your website.

But what happens next as they arrive on your doorstep is even more important… here’s why:

Communicating the right message to the right audience is key in marketing.

A truly effective website is a result of a well-crafted, focused information about your organization and how it meets the needs of your visitors. Yes, it is important to have a modern, well-designed presence with SEO website content strategically integrated throughout your website in order to attract the your targeted audience… but if the text content lacks focus and perceived value, you’re missing out. It’s important to understand your visitors’ motivation (and pain points) in order to present content that will resonate with them.

So, what is USP?

Unique Selling Proposition answers the “What’s in it for me?” question on the minds of your visitors. Think of it as a benefit-driven message which resonates with visitors’ needs in a unique way. Get this right and you’re well on your way to a meaningful connection with your visitors and building brand loyalty.

Have a look at your current website and ask yourself, “Does the content have depth?”, “Is it value-driven?”, “Does it present us in a way that addresses what visitors are looking for?”

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be time to reassess the effectiveness of one of your most important marketing tools.

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